How to decide on blog topics and titles.

How to decide on blog topics
Something I've learned about coming up with blog topics is that no matter how creative you are you will run out of ideas quite quickly.

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Something I’ve learned about coming up with blog topics is that no matter how creative you are you will run out of ideas quite quickly. On top of this, even if you are the next Shakespeare you might be coming up with topics that no one; but yourself, are interested in. 

There has to be a balance.

Because of this, I use a system. This system allows me and other marketers to come up with hundreds of blog ideas (that people are interested in) a day.

So, let’s get started.

Watch Your Competitors

The first step that I have always taken when I get a new client is to do some research on the industry and what keywords other industry professionals may use. 

A quick and free way to do this; while not being the most comprehensive, is to go to your competitors’ blogs and see what they’re writing about. This one is pretty easy. All you have to do is to just type in your competitors’ name and blog in google and you should receive a list of their most popular blog articles. From there you can then just write around them. You can take their blog and put your own spin on them. Easy right?

Google Ads’ Keyword Planner

The main way to conduct keyword research (which I use) is to use a variety of different websites that will build a better picture of what your consumers will be looking for. The first place that I usually go to is Google ads. Google ads’ keyword planner is a great place to find this info because, well, where is a better place to get the data than the source? 

Googles keyword planner gives you the average monthly searches for a particular keyword and it also gives you suggestions of similar keywords. One of the best things I personally like about the keyword planner is that it gives you the competition of any keyword. This is very useful because at the end of the day you want as many eyes on your article as possible and if a particular keyword has thousands of monthly searches but a low competition you have a much better chance of breaking through the noise and get a lot of clicks on your articles.

Answer The Public

Another great tool that I use quite frequently is Answer the public. Answer the public takes one or two keywords and splits them into categories of common queries. For example, if I give the keyword digital marketing the categories I get back are: Who… digital marketing, What… digital marketing, why… digital marketing, etc. 

This is personally my favourite site to use because all of the blog topics are already there for you to write down!

For example, after entering digital marketing as a keyword Answer the public has given me back questions such as “Are digital marketing agencies worth it?” this is a perfect blog topic isn’t it? Others I got are “how does digital marketing work?” and “why is digital marketing good for small businesses?“. Boom. Another two blog topics there.

In addition to all of this, you can also type in multiple different areas of your business. So instead of searching “digital marketing“, you can instead search “search engine optimisation or “WordPress” and the list goes on and on and on.

As you can see I’m very much a fan of this site!

The Amazon ‘look inside’ method

Another great idea that I found recently through Neil Patel’s website is called the Amazon ‘look inside’ method. Let me explain.

First, you go to Amazon and search for books in your industry so, for me, I could choose ‘search engine optimisation‘. You then look for books that have largely positive reviews. Amazon offers this feature that allows you to ‘look inside’ a book before you buy it. You can then go to the contents of said book and more often than not the chapter titles will give you ideas that can be used as blog topics. 


These are just some of the ways that I find myself coming up with blog topics, but i’ll leave it there for now. 

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– Ben

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