6 Twitter Best Practices Tips To Boost Your Content on Twitter Overnight.

Top tips for sharing content on twitter
Sharing your content on Twitter effectively can really help your businesses visibility grow. But how do you do it? Read our top tips here!

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Today I wanted to share with you my favourite tips that will take your content to another level with our Twitter best practices advice!

This week it’s going to be a shorter blog as, well, the topic isn’t exactly an in-depth essay like you would get for Search Engine Optimisation or Pay-Per-Click

But let’s get on with it, shall we?

Build the interest for your content on Twitter

One of the most common tweets businesses use for their content on Twitter goes something like this:

“We have just written a blog about BLANK! Let us know what you think!”

This isn’t a great way to capture an audience’s attention. Imagine how many people daily see tweets that are exactly the same as this. Yours isn’t going to stand out!

The way I have been taught through my own experience and mentors that I have had is to build interest.

This can be done through multiple different ways which will depend on if you are tweeting as a business or as yourself in a freelance way.

One way is to give the audience snippets of your article through facts maybe, or just some fascinating piece of information. This will draw people in and make them want to read the rest of the article to find out more!

An example of this could be:

“Did You Know That Influencer Marketing Is A $1B Industry On Instagram?

I Have Written a Blog Discussing How Small Businesses Can Use Instagram to Their Advantage! Check it out below!”

I think I might have just come up with a new blog idea *wink*

It might sound a little clickbait-y but it works! Why do you think Buzzfeed has been writing the same article titles all these years?

Another way could be to answer a question, like this:

“After all of these years of writing for my blog, I keep getting asked the same question.

What are the essential tools for any online marketer?

Well, today I have broken down exactly what I use and how to get the best out of them!”

Tweets like these are great because they answer a question that the audience might have. A big part of digital marketing is giving the audience content that will get them to click.

These are a good example of how to build interest.

one of our twitter best practices pieces of advice

Don’t just rewrite your title

A great piece of advice I was given to adhere to the Twitter best practices is to not just rewrite the title of your blog. 

I think that it isn’t a good idea just to rewrite your blog/article title on Twitter because you’re wasting valuable space in your tweet. When you add a link to your article on twitter the name of the article will appear on the auto-generated twitter card.

This isn’t your own website where you need to get the keywords into the article, this is Twitter, where you can say whatever you like within 240 characters. So don’t waste space, add different content onto your Tweet!

Use video

Video. Video. Video!

Video is killing the image game. 

If there was one thing to take away from this whole blog post, it would be to use more video in your brands’ social media! Want to know why?

It’s because 82% Of Consumer Internet Traffic Will Be Video By 2021!

This is because video draws the attention of the consumer better than any other form of art you could put on your tweet.

Be honest with me for a minute. How often would you say that you get distracted by videos when you’re scrolling through your Twitter feed? I catch myself doing it DAILY. 

Videos are a magical tool if used correctly, so please use videos in your content on Twitter.

Create a bespoke image theme for your content on Twitter

Now, if you aren’t going to do video, creating bespoke images for your content on Twitter is the next best thing!

Bespoke images can add a sense of uniformity to your brand. How often have you seen a local business use a random selection of stock images for their content on Twitter? I personally see it all the time!

While this isn’t strictly a twitter best practices it does help your branding A TON.

People like seeing things that they are familiar with. Take YouTube thumbnails for example.

David Dobrik is one of the most popular YouTubers on the platform. All of his thumbnails are very similar to one another. They all have the topic of the video in the background with himself in the foreground. He adds himself because he is the brand!

This is because he knows that his viewers will click on a new video of his if they are greeted by his smiling face. He also knows that if his thumbnails are similar they are instantly recognisable to anyone that may be scrolling their feed.

Keep your tweets clean

This isn’t just a twitter best practices this is is just a general best practice for your followers eyes!

There’s nothing worse than seeing a tweet that looks terrible. Sometimes the tweet might be saying something you wholeheartedly agree with but your first gut reaction could be to scroll on by.

What I mean by this is to try and keep your hashtags at the bottom because they make the text look ugly if they are all over the place. Or if you have a large following you might want to think about removing the hashtags altogether. ONLY if you are a big brand that gets lots of retweets though.

Examples of good and bad tweets

Another way to keep your tweets clean is to paste the URL of the content you are sharing at the bottom of the Tweet. This removes the URL completely so your content isn’t underlined by an ugly string of letters.

Give yourself a voice

This could also be argued to be the most important piece of information but I decided to put it at the bottom as everyone should have already decided upon before Tweeting.

People think of brands as they think of people and you need to reflect that with your tone of voice.

Any brand with multiple people operating the social media will tell you that they have strict guidelines on how they tweet, comment and reply to other brands and consumers. 

This can be anything from a loose casual tone that sounds like a single person talking, to a very rigid professional sounding account that only talks in completely unreadable jargon. 

I’m not saying one is better than the other, these tones of voice have different target areas. If you are a home and business security company like ADT that wants to make people feel safe and secure, then using a professional tone.

No one wants to see the people in charge of protecting their home or business talking like someone whos still in uni!

It really shows that the business knows what they are talking about. But, it doesn’t work for other businesses like an ASOS for example.

So, finding YOUR voice is very important.


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– Ben

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